Debt Counseling to Attack Credit Card Debt and Repair Financial Standing

Jeanne McTaggartDebt

Debt Counseling

Tackling credit card debt isn’t a task you have to accomplish on your own. Most people don’t get into an average of $15,000 worth of credit card debt alone. Whether you are a generous person who buys gifts or simply want to support your family, it’s not uncommon to rely on credit cards. According to a recent article by Huffington … Read More

Credit Counseling to Help with 3 Times You Need Good Credit

Jeanne McTaggartCredit Counseling

Credit Counseling

Credit card debt is the “bad” debt that brings many consumers shame and embarrassment. However, people who seek credit counseling often learn about the positive methods for improving their credit scores. For many people, it’s a dream to boast about an 800 or perfect credit score. At the same time, having good credit isn’t just about bragging. Having poor credit … Read More