Debt Counseling Firms – Signs to Look For

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Christian Credit Counselors

Drowning in Debt When you are drowning in debt and can’t seem to make a dent, it may feel as if there is no answer. Many individuals want to avoid filing for bankruptcy if possible because of the long-term negative effects. However, few know about the alternatives that are available. Debt counseling can help you get back on track financially, … Read More

Credit Counselors – Easing Debt Worries

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Christian Credit Counselors

Seeking Credit Counseling As the recent financial crisis slowly abates, many families are left in desperate need of the assistance of credit counseling. Many families today have discovered themselves upside down in their mortgages, owing huge amounts to creditors, and with barely enough budget left over to finish out the month let alone enough to save for the cliched rainy day. … Read More

Christian Credit Counseling: The Faith Difference

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Christian Credit Couselors

Finances with Faith If you’re trying to regain control of your finances, you may be interested in the faith difference that Christian credit counseling offers. Our clients share our belief that financial growth is impossible without spiritual growth. Faith-based programs play an important role in our society and enjoy strong popular support. According to a Pew Research study, diverse service … Read More

Debt Consolidation Loans – The Dangers to Consider

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Dangers of Debt Consolidation Loans If you’re having difficulty meeting your minimum monthly payments on student loans, credit cards, medical bills or other loans, you can apply to financial institutions for a debt consolidation loan to lower monthly payments and interest rate. The bank pays off all your debt and then you have one monthly payment to the bank for the loan consolidation … Read More

Debt Consolidation – Knowing The Facts

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Bearing the Burden of Debt The burden of debt can weigh heavily on many individuals. While some people misuse credit to get themselves in this type of trouble, others were forced to turn to credit cards and loans to survive. For these individuals, debt consolidation may be the right solution. Determining when to use this process will help you make … Read More