Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Collection

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The ABC’s of Debt Collection The debt collection process can be a nerve-racking experience for many debtors. By the time a debt collection service is brought into the situation, the nerves of the debtor are frayed due to mounting bills and legal notices. This is wholly understandable that being in this situation is intimidating. Debt collection just like any other … Read More

Credit Counseling – Tips to Working with your Counselor

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A Beneficial Financial Relationship If you’ve approached a credit counselor or a debt counselor to help you get your finances in order, you’ve already taken the first step towards improving your life.  Now, it’s just a matter of making sure that the counselor has all the information needed to give you the help you need. So we urge you to keep … Read More

Debt Counseling – Six Common Causes of Debt

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Understanding Your Debt The first step to recovering from debt is to identify that an issue exists and investigate how the issue came about so you can avoid it in the future. If you are in debt you want to work on paying off your debts but you also should try to gain an understanding to prevent returning to the … Read More

Debt Consolidation – Understanding how it can Help

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Avoiding Financial Struggles Anyone who has been through a collections process knows that it is a very emotionally shaking experience. Calls at all hours of the day, demands being made that you simply can’t afford to live-up to, and even court orders and garnished wages. There are some answers to avoiding that hassle, but one stands out as a way … Read More

Credit Counseling – Five Important Facts

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Avoiding Financial Crisis According to an article by CNN, more than 25 million, or about 1/3 of all households, are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Many consumers are just one disaster away from a financial crisis. As prices continue to increase, and raises are few and far between, many Americans have been relying heavily on their credit cards. Your credit card debt can play … Read More

Debt Consolidation is Not a Simple Solution

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The Cause vs. Symptoms of Financial Struggles People sometimes think that debt consolidation is a simple solution that will solve the worries of accumulated debt, and put you on the right track toward living within your means. The popular wisdom, for instance, is that if you already have a mortgage, that an equity loan will serve nicely to put your worries behind … Read More

Credit Counseling and Your Financial Struggles

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The American Mountain of Debt Have you noticed that in our American culture, it seems impossible to get through life without a mountain of debt? Maybe you haven’t even considered it, because it is so thoroughly weaved into the fabric of our society. All you have to do is turn on your television, open the mailbox, or visit a store, … Read More

Signs of a Good Credit Counselor – Service to Servanthood

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IDing a Good Credit Counselor If you’re reading this, you’re probably concerned about your financial situation.  You want to take control of your life, get out of debt and develop better spending habits in the future.  But you can’t always do all of this by yourself.  You may need a credit counselor’s help.  If you’re thinking about getting a credit counselor, here … Read More

Debt Counseling – Three Sign You Need it

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Debt Counseling Candidates Sometimes, it’s pretty obvious that someone needs debt counseling.  After all, you know when you’re in debt.  You know when you’ve spent money on credit without paying it off.  You know when you’ve taken out loans.  It all sounds simple enough. But, for some people, financial matters are anything but simple.  They keep trying to keep track of … Read More

Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy

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The Debt Consolidation Facts Are you facing the possibility of bankruptcy?  Take time to explore all of your alternatives before you go through with a bankruptcy.  Debt consolidation is a valid option that will not negatively impact your future as bankruptcy will. Bankruptcy Bankruptcy has a variety of negative implications.  For those enduring financial hardship and looking to escape the seemingly … Read More