Debt Counseling and Your Underwater Mortgage

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Understanding Underwater Mortgages Is your home underwater? No, I’m not talking about flooding, but that is certainly a possibility in some parts of the country right now! If you owe at least 25% more on your mortgage than your home is worth, it’s defined as being “underwater”. And that’s not a good place to be. During the recent Great Recession, … Read More

Why You Need Debt Counseling

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The American Debt Nightmare Most Americans struggle daily with debt. They seem to never have enough money for the things that they need, yet that does not stop them from wanting things too. It seems so easy to pull out the credit card for purchases that you need and want. Here are some negative impacts of debt. Having debt can … Read More

Credit Counseling Three Ways it Can Help You

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Benefits of Credit Counseling You’re in debt up to your ears and the bill collectors keep calling, Credit counseling may be an option that can help you repay your debts and ease the stress of constant calls from debt collectors. Here are three types of assistance offered by credit counselors: Review and adjust your budget Credit counselors review your income and obligations … Read More

Credit Counseling and Financial Peace of Mind

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Understanding Your Money Mess When will these relentless phone calls stop? I feel like I am constantly avoiding the dreaded reprimand of increasing bill collectors. I am tossing all night, determining how this financial mess has spun so out of control? How do I get off this money rollercoaster, safely; if I can at all? Do I file bankruptcy? Can … Read More