Christian Credit Counseling Teaches Lifelong Principles

Jeanne McTaggartChristian Credit Counselors

Christian Credit Counseling

If you’re trying to get out of debt, you’ve probably taken a good, long look at plenty of credit counseling services. You want someone whose outlook is going to line up with yours. Christian credit counseling will not only help you get out of debt; it will teach lifelong principles that will help you make better financial choices. Tithing and … Read More

Credit Counseling Services – Choosing the Right One

Jeanne McTaggartCredit Counseling

Credit Counseling

For those who are living paycheck to paycheck credit counseling services are a real lifesaver. Most of these services run their operations as non-profits and should offer you a free consultation. The best way to consult is in person, so that should be your first goal in credit counseling. Visit universities, credit unions, military bases, or your financial institution to … Read More

Debt Consolidation and the Benefits

Jeanne McTaggartDebt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Debt can be an incredibly difficult thing to deal with.  Sometimes, the worst thing about debt is that it can turn into a spiral.  Debt can lead to more debt without any other factors.  One debt can make another worse, or even create new debts.  Sometimes, it’s easier to converge all of an individual’s small debts into one large debt. … Read More