Debt Counseling to Control Spending and Get out of Debt

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Debt Counseling

In order to get out of credit card debt for good, it is important to manage money and control spending. According to an article by, Americans racked up more than $50 billion in credit card debt just in the last quarter of 2015. For people who are still behind on paying off holiday debt or who want to start … Read More

How Credit Counseling Helps Married Couples Manage Finances

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Credit Counseling

When you get married, you merge your finances as well as your heart. Many couples struggle to hit their stride when it comes to money. You might have different backgrounds, different salaries, and different ideas about spending. Fortunately, credit counseling from Christian Credit Counselors can put you on the right path. Getting Real About Money Money is often a taboo … Read More

Rewards of Debt Counseling When Your Debt Spirals Out of Control

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Debt Counseling

A new study by CardHub shows credit card levels are spiraling out of control and reaching unsustainable levels. Whether you are good at math or not, there are many benefits to debt counseling. With the help of a Christian credit counselor, you get the help you need to overcome your financial challenges. Making positive choices often leads to positive outcomes. … Read More

10 best and worst Mother’s Day gifts


Moms are kind of like superheroes. They perform physical acts no ordinary human could, take care of everybody’s needs before they’re needed, and function on minimal sleep and gratitude. Chances are mom also keeps up with the family calendar, making sure all necessary accouterments are in hand for each holiday well in advance — every holiday, but her own. Mother’s Day is … Read More

Managing Your Student Loans Wisely: A Great and Unique Gift for Mother’s Day

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By: Brittany Frost What greater gift is there than the joy of seeing your child become financially responsible and independent throughout and after their college years? If you are looking for a unique and great gift to give your mother on May 8th for Mother’s Day this year, consider the gift of managing your student loans wisely. Instead of spending … Read More