“Inquiries” on my credit report – what are they?


By Jim Garnett What Are “Inquiries” On My Credit Report? Q: Can you explain what an “inquiry” is on a credit report? A: An “inquiry” is the listing of the name of those who have accessed your credit file information. They have done so to “inquire” about your credit history. Four Sources Of Inquiries One source for an inquiry could … Read More

3 Common Credit Issues and What You Can Do to Fix Them


By: CFPB Your credit history can determine if you can get a loan, and even where you live or work. Credit scores are built from your credit history and can determine how much you pay to borrow money for a car or house. Yet, many people don’t know where to start when it comes to building, improving, or protecting their … Read More

Debt Counseling Teaches You 4 Easy Ways to Get Out of Credit Card Debt RM


Debt Counseling

Credit card debt is a problem for people of all ages. Experts say cash-strapped college students often live on credit. Meanwhile, young couples use credit cards for miscellaneous wedding and honeymoon expenses. Retired people often use credit cards to supplement their Social Security income. With debt counseling, you learn about different ways to get out of credit card debt including … Read More

Christian Credit Counseling – A Better Way to Eliminate Debt RM


Credit Counseling Stands Out Anyone who has ever struggled with debt knows how debilitating money problems are. Yet most people with debt don’t realize how widespread of a problem it is. Since the Great Recession, debt has skyrocketed among average Americans. According to the Urban Institute, the average total debt for people with credit files is now $53,850. This number jumps … Read More

Debt Settlement Scams – Asking the Right Questions RM


Christian Credit Counselors

Avoiding Debt Settlement Scams Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies out there that prey on those trying to get their debt under control. In most cases, these companies refer to themselves as debt management organizations. They often promise to act as the go-between with you and your creditors; promising a low monthly payment plan to help you pay off debt. … Read More