Ask Chuck: Falling for a Scam?

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By: Chuck Bentley, Crown Financial Ministries Dear Chuck, I’m hearing more and more about financial scams…I’m concerned about my daughter falling for one while she’s attending college out of state. Scared of Scammers Dear Scared of Scammers,  I’m with you! You and your daughter should be on alert as a downturn in the economy always creates an upturn in the … Read More

Play it Safe Online

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By: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. It’s a good time to think about protecting your personal information while you’re online. Being online lets you follow the news, connect with friends and family, shop, manage finances, and more. Getting online may help reduce social isolation and increase independence for older adults – especially during the … Read More

Unemployment Benefits Identity Theft

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By: The Identity Resource Center (ITRC) Right now is a very difficult time for a lot of consumers as concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be at the top of people’s minds. In addition to the inconvenience of social distancing and isolation and the very real fears for personal health and safety, many people are also facing the stress … Read More