September 15, 2015

Debt Consolidation

If you have more credit card debt than you can handle, there are different avenues to take to resolve the burden. Some people turn to debt settlement scams because they aren’t aware of the negative consequences. Other people believe bankruptcy could be the solution. Before paying an attorney thousands of dollars to handle a bankruptcy case, save yourself the embarrassment and money by receiving debt counseling. A certified credit counselor will help you understand the key benefits of debt consolidation. Sometimes it is helpful to examine all of the options. If you have a lot of debt, you already know how stressful it is to function day-to-day knowing your credit cards could be declined. By choosing debt consolidation, you leave open a lot of doors for your financial future. According to an article by, there are distinct advantages to signing up for a debt management plan through a reputable credit counseling agency.

A single Monthly Payment

Most people who feel overwhelmed by credit card debt have more than one credit cards. When you sign up for a debt management plan, you only make one payment each month to satisfy your creditors. You no longer have to worry about misplacing bills or keeping up with the various due dates.

Less Financial stress

Juggling several different credit card bills is a source of stress for the average American. With a debt management plan, you can automate your monthly payment so you know you’ll pay the bill on time each month. If you have your paycheck automatically deposited into your checking account, it’s another way to simplify your finances.

Lower Interest Rates

Another major advantage of debt consolidation is the fact that you’ll likely pay a lower interest rate. If you are the typical person, you likely have credit cards with double-digit interest rates. Your credit counselor will talk to your creditors to negotiate a lower interest rate across the board. When your counselor helps you achieve a lower interest rate, it saves you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars depending on your total amount owed.

No collection calls

Once you get on board with a plan, your credit card companies will no longer bother you with collection calls. If you do receive a collection call, just give them the information about your debt management plan.

A better credit score

With bankruptcy, your credit score takes a major hit. In some cases, lenders will not approve you for a home loan or car for several years. When you take a debt consolidation approach, your credit score starts to go up instead of down. It’s a smart way to repair a damaged credit score.

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