Budget Ninjas

Budget Ninjas is a dedicated group of individuals that have a passion for helping those that want and need a fresh start managing their money. Whether it is trying to figure out how to make ends meet, or how to achieve lifelong dreams, we can help. Our system is designed to understand YOU, taking you from where you currently are, to where you want to be. We accomplish this with a fantastic suite of tools, working together, that make budgeting easy and fun. Check out what others are saying and then see what resources we have available for you today!

“The Budget Ninjas system really makes it simple to start a home budget and has built-in alerts that let you know about potential problems before they happen!” – Mark King, Certified Quickbooks® ProAdvisor

“The workshop was great! Within a few years, I was able to pay off all my credit cards, and start rebuilding my retirement fund. Now, I’m debt free, including a paid-off mortgage” – Regina Shipley

Check out the Budget Ninjas resources below!

Our online budgeting system has the features that make creating and maintaining a budget easy and fun, alerting you to potential problems before they happen. Comes complete with starter templates, extensive step-by-step help, and access to prior month budgets. Study guides available.

Projects is our solution that will show you how you can achieve those large multi-expense goals. Projects integrates directly with your budget, building the reserves needed to make sure you have the funds available as the bills roll in.

A suite of powerful financial calculators that help you deal with debt, credit cards, and loans. Whether you are looking to buy a house, eliminate debt, balance your checkbook, or determine your net worth – we have a calculator for you.

Connect to one of over ten thousand banks and other financial institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada in order to retrieve posted transactions and balance information. We’ll categorize the transactions for you, and allow you to establish your own categories to enable you to easily build your budget automatically based on your prior spending habits. Connections allow you to visually see your transactions like never before, revealing trends in spending through graphs and charts. Post transactions directly to your budget to keep your budget up to date, eliminating data entry mistakes and omissions.

NINJALIFE Quests (Free)
Our NinjaLife Quests self-paced online training program makes learning how to budget easy and fun. Earn medals, belts, and score points as you navigate through many modules and units of study, answering questions and completing challenges as you go. Your online dojo to becoming a budget master!

NINJALIFE Mentors (Free)
Certified NinjaLife Mentors are available to guide you step by step, helping you achieve your financial goals. No matter where you are in your financial journey, we can help. With your permission, your mentor can even access your budget information, providing valuable oversight and direction as needed.

Workshops (Free)
Check out our news and events page for upcoming virtual and classroom workshops. All workshops are free to attend.