May 4, 2016

Christian Credit Counseling

Christian Credit Counseling Can Help You
christian credit counseling
No one is immune from finding themselves in a situation where debt is consuming them. A bad accident, loss of a job, and loss of a loved one can all contribute to a situation where someone is incurring a lot of debt and not much money to pay it off with. Thankfully, Christian credit counseling can help.

Christian Credit Counselors is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that seeks to help people get out of debt. We help anyone who seeks out our services get out of debt. But the heart behind our services is based on biblical morals and principles. We believe God doesn’t want people to be chained down by anything, debt included. We also believe that God wants us to take good care of the money and resources he has trusted us with.

Anyone who has experienced debt before knows it is a heavy burden. But we don’t want you to have to carry that burden anymore. Our Christian credit counselors can help you consolidate your debt by creating one payment for you with a lower interest rate then you are probably paying on many of your debts. Gone are the days of writing many checks, making tons of phone calls, or logging into multiple websites to pay different bills. Getting out of debt is hard. It takes dedication and focus. But we want to make it as easy for you as possible.

Contact us today at Christian Credit Counselors to find out more about how our debt consolidation program can help you get out of debt, and how our education tools can help keep you out of debt in the future.


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