Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. Why do I have a different counselor after enrolling in the Debt Management Program (DMP)?

Each client enrolled in our DMP is assigned a Certified Credit Counselor who will be your point of contact throughout the duration of the program. By having an assigned Account Specialist who is familiar with the status of your enrolled accounts and your progress on the program, we ensure you receive the attention and care that you need while on the DMP.


2.  Who is my Account Specialist and how can I contact them?

Upon receiving your file, your Account Specialist will reach out to you via email and/or phone to introduce themselves. The Account Specialist department can be reached toll-free at 800-557-1985 option 5. Please note that Account Specialists do not have extensions to ensure that you receive the assistance you need in a timely manner in the event that your Account Specialist is unavailable.

3.  How do I view my CCC statements and current balances?

You can access your account information online via our Extranet client portal. Click on “Client Portal” located on the top right corner of this webpage. Enter your login information (previously provided via email when you signed your contract electronically). Once logged in, you can

  • Send and receive secure messages with your Account Specialist
  • View your current creditor(s) enrolled in the DMP and history of creditor counteroffers
  • View your payment history
  • View all your signed paperwork and CCC statements
  • Change your contact information and login information

4.  How do I reset my Extranet password?

Click on “Forgot Username/Password” on the login page. You will receive a system-generated email from with your new password. Make sure to check your Junk or Spam folder if you do not see it. Remember to mark CCC emails as “Safe”. Once logged in, you can change your password under “Settings”.

NOTE: This password reset feature is not available if your initial system-assigned password was never changed. Please contact your Account Specialist for assistance. 

5.  Why are the balances on my CCC statement different from my creditor statements?

The balances on your CCC statement are estimates, only your creditor statements contain the legally true and correct balances. This is why it is important for you to send in your creditor statements every 3 months, as required by your contract.

6.  Why is there a 7-day delay for payments to be disbursed to my creditors?

Once your monthly DMP payment is debited from your bank account, it sits in a trust account maintained solely for client funds for 5 business days to ensure the funds clear our bank and do not return as insufficient funds. This accounting best practice was implemented to protect all our clients.

7.  Why am I still receiving billing statements from my creditors?

As the legal account holder, you will (and should) still receive monthly statements from your creditors. These are for you to review and retain for your records. No action is required, unless directed by your Account Specialist.

8.  I received a letter or statement from a creditor that is concerning. What should I do?

Forward any documentation you have concerns about to your Account Specialist and they will be happy to review and discuss it with you. In order to best advise you, your Account Specialist needs to see exactly what you are looking at.

9.  How can I ensure that my accounts are paid on time?

After you signed your agreement, you should have received a Welcome Letter via email. Review the letter carefully and follow the instructions to change your creditor due dates so that they align with your monthly ACH date.

10.  I’m having trouble making my monthly DMP payment. What can I do?

Your creditors require timely payments in order to continue granting DMP benefits to you. Please contact your Account Specialist immediately to discuss your options.

11.  I’m still struggling with high-interest accounts. What should I do?

Send in your creditor statements for any accounts that you left off the program. Your Account Specialist will review them and advise if CCC can add these accounts to your existing DMP and potentially lower your interest rate and/or payment.

12.  Can I make extra payments while on the program?

Yes! You can make extra payments at any time, and CCC does not charge a prepayment penalty fee.

13.  Can I make payments to the creditors directly?

Your agreement requires that all payments be made through CCC. It is crucial you pay your accounts through the DMP so that we can keep track of your progress and ensure your successful completion of the program. Contact your Account Specialist immediately if you made any payments directly to your creditors.

14.  How do I pay off an account?

Contact your Account Specialist and they will obtain your payoff balance for you. Please ensure that you have the funds available as payoff balances are only accurate for a short period of time. It is crucial you pay off your accounts through the DMP so that we can keep accurate records of your progress and, eventually, your successful completion of the program.

15.  One of my creditors was paid off through the program. What happens next?

Because your monthly DMP payment remains the same throughout the program, once an enrolled account is paid off, the extra payment is applied to the next account with the highest interest-cost, which is not necessarily the highest balance or interest rate.

16.  Why the highest interest-cost account?

Simply, this is the most mathematically efficient way to allocate the funds. By paying down the highest interest-cost account first, you will complete the program more quickly and pay less in total interest charges than you would with any other strategy.

17.  How do I become debt-free as soon as possible?

By making extra payments through your DMP! CCC does not charge a prepayment penalty fee so feel free to contact us anytime you wish to apply extra funds towards your principal balance.

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