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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page for answers to general questions. 

Don’t see your question or have questions specific to your account? Contact us at 1-800-377-4469 option 5. Our Account Specialists are available 6:00am-4:30pm (PST) Monday through Friday to assist you.

To ensure your success on the program, please read your Welcome Letter in its entirety as it contains important information specific to your account.

Remember, your first 90 days on the program are the trickiest so please be patient while your creditors accept and set up your DMP benefits. In the meantime, your Account Specialist is here to support you and walk you through the process!

Please keep in mind that:

  • The DMP is not a loan so CCC cannot pay your creditors until a payment is received from you.

  • You must provide a copy of your most recent creditor statement to us every 3 months.

  • You should not make any payment arrangements with your creditors without first discussing with your Account Specialist.

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