CCC provides assistance in payment reductions, interest reductions, stopping late charges and bringing your accounts current.
What You Need to Know About Credit Card Debt

You are NOT alone.
Many of us from all walks of life find ourselves confronted with excessive debt. Whatever the reason: divorce, unexpected medical treatment or the buy now, pay later syndrome common to our society, out of control debt obligations can quickly develop.

You CAN get out.
Finding a way out of the debt trap to freedom is our goal. This requires commitment to a debt repayment plan. We provide the plan, you provide the commitment.

STOP creditor harassment.
We negotiate with your creditors of unsecured debt (credit cards, store cards, signature loans) to get the lowest monthly payments and lowest interest rates possible, consolidate those debts into one monthly payment and disburse that payment to your creditors for you.

IMPROVE your credit.
Because we use the Automatic Pay System we are able to make the payments to your creditors consistently and on time, saving you money and protecting, and in many cases, improving your credit rating.

SAVE money.
We work with creditors to lower or eliminate interest charges and late fees. Because of lower interest rates you can repay your debt by saving thousands of dollars. Also, most creditors re-age late accounts when you join our Debt Management Program, and our Automatic Pay System stops the addition of new late fees and finance charges.

SAVE time.
One payment per month handles everything. We pay your bills for you, saving you time, energy and hassle. You’ll see a faster payoff time as your balances go down month after month as you move toward your goal.

GAIN peace of mind.
Knowing you are taking care of your debts as responsibly and economically as possible brings valuable peace of mind. It’s a plan to get out of debt– for good. You’ll feel better knowing you have a goal you can reach – and a way to reach it. You’re on your way to financial freedom!

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