July 15, 2014

Preparing for Financial Success

At Christian Credit Counselors, we want people to be successful at every stage and age of their lives. When it comes to debt, it’s hard to move on when your debt is keeping you in the past. By receiving credit counseling from trained and empathetic Christian Credit Counselors, you can get a fresh start before embarking on new adventures.

Before getting married

Consolidating debt is a good move to make before committing to a marriage. Some experts are calling debt the “anti-dowry.” According to an article by The Forum out of Utah State University, money is a major contributing factor to divorce. Seventy-four percent of men and sixty-seven percent of women enter marriage with debt, which has negative affects on new marriages.

Before buying a home

Receiving credit counseling before a home purchase is also a wise move. Lenders require a certain debt-to-income ratio before they will approve a mortgage loan. At Christian Credit Counselors, we have the expertise to help you devise a debt management plan. We also provide housing counseling so you can realize your home ownership dream as quickly as possible. You will buy a home you can truly afford so you don’t risk losing a home to foreclosure.

Before returning to college

A lot of people are returning to college to learn a new skill or trade. You may be one of the many people who are still juggling old student loan debt and credit cards. Before taking out more college loans, let Christian Credit Counselors help you through student loan counseling.

Before retiring

Baby boomers are retiring early, but they also have more credit debt than previous generations. Before taking the leap to collect Social Security and lock in payments for life, consider credit counseling so you can truly enjoy God’s blessings in retirement.

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