December 28, 2015

Christian Credit Counseling

Managing Money Management

Some behaviors predict poor money management down the road, but you can take positive steps for a positive future with the help of Christian credit counseling. According to a piece by, there are 5 main behaviors that foreshadow financial difficulties in the future. When you receive Christian credit counseling, you open up yourself to positive solutions instead of negative patterns. People who succeed in the area of personal finances establish good saving and spending habits early in life. Even if you are older, it’s not too late to learn how to keep a budget, save and plan.

Budgeting not to Overspend

When you get in the habit of keeping a budget, you curb the urge to overspend. People who spend more than they earn often use credit cards. By agreeing to a debt management plan, you set aside money every month to pay back your credits. With the help of trained credit counselors, you end up paying less interest on the credit cards as part of the debt management plan.

Avoiding Poor Financial Habits

One habit that frugal people have is to buy used items or accept clothing for items from loved ones and relatives instead of always having to buy new. Buying everything new is a poor financial habit that also affects credit card behavior. Most people don’t use credit cards when they barter or trade with friends or family, but they do use credit cards when buying overpriced new items. New merchandise simply costs more.

Money and Your Spending Habits

Whether you earn all your income or receive money from relatives or stock dividends, it is important to know exactly how much money is coming in and how much is going out. If you consistently spend more money than you have, you likely rely on credit cards. People spending more money than they make often feel stress and anxiety, experts say.

Money and Retirement Planning

Another good financial habit to adopt is saving. If you save just 10 percent of your income for retirement, you will likely have enough to supplement social security when you are older. By having a debt management plan and budget, you can put aside a certain amount to pay back debts, a percentage for retirement savings and the rest of daily expenses and bills.

Avoiding Financial Troubles

Experts say people who fail to save for emergencies have financial trouble in the future. With Christian credit counseling, you receive the education and tools to improve your financial habits. Because of the Christian mindset, you don’t experience any judgment.


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