May 28, 2015

Not everyone who needs Christian credit counseling suffers with a “money disorder.” Some people just fail to budget properly and let debt spin out of control due to poor financial habits and unforeseen circumstances. Before seeing a financial therapist, consider whether you might be better served with help from a certified credit counselor. Some people have never heard of financial therapists. According to an article by, there are signs that you need financial therapy. Experts say the Financial Therapy Association is fairly new, and the field itself is new. If you feel stressed out about your credit card debt, it doesn’t mean you have an underlying psychological problem related to money. In many cases, you just need Christian credit counseling to learn how to consolidate debt, budget and improve your credit score. Money is the No. 1 stress factor in most people’s lives. Financial psychologists say some people think have attitudes about money that often cause problems. Three of the major money mindsets or money disorders that lead to debt include money status, money vigilance and money avoidance.

Money status

People who associate money with status aren’t necessarily selfish. Many people who value money for the status aspect share their wealth with children. While it’s not a problem to spend money on other people, it’s a sign of a deeper problem if you give away money even though you can’t pay your bills. With debt counseling, you can learn how to budget for gifts and charity while meeting your responsibilities.

Money vigilance

Although it sounds good, people who are too frugal won’t go to the doctor because they want to save money. You can run up credit card debt by failing to maintain a car or your own physical health. Many people who are too frugal end up using credit cards when a small problem turns into a major problem.

Money avoidance

According to, if you avoid your financial problems it causes overwhelming anxiety. If you are in financial denial, it helps to receive non-judgmental Christian credit counseling to figure out your situation. You may find all it takes to recover financial is a debt management plan. Warning signs that you have the money avoidance problem include not looking at bills, getting new credit cards and avoiding conversations about money.

Some people with an “aversion to wealth” require psychological or spiritual counseling. It’s respectable to earn money by helping others and contributing to society in various ways. It’s also honorable to pay back the money you owe as well as save on.

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