December 23, 2014

credit card debt

How not to Live Near Poverty

Experts say it costs more than $250,000 to raise a child so it’s no wonder many people go into debt to meet their obligations. As a parent, you may be trying to juggle to pay for the rising costs of childcare and keep up with credit cards bills. By receiving Christian credit counseling, you can learn how to budget for the high costs of raising children as well as tackle debt.

According to a sobering article by CNN Money, child care costs in some parts of the country are now higher than college costs. A report by Child Care Aware revealed that the average cost of childcare is one quarter of the median income of single parents.

Some people who are living near poverty spend as much as 85 percent of their income on child care. Christian credit counseling can help because the trained credit counselors are non-judgmental and understanding. They have wisdom to share to help families who are struggling with the basics of paying for food, medical care, housing and childcare.

Lowering your monthly bills

At Christian Credit Counselors, we help families reduce their monthly bills by coming up with a Debt Management Plan that takes care of credit card and other debts. Your monthly payment to satisfy debts can be figured into an overall budget. The nice thing about a debt consolidation plan is that you end up owing less money in the long run because the non-profit credit counseling agency goes to bat on your behalf. Christian Credit Counselors can lower the interest rate and eliminate certain fees so you only have one lower payment to make each month.

Simplifying your finances

When you are running around trying to get the kids to daycare and yourself to work, you may not have time to be interrupted by bill collectors. There’s little time to get online and make a dozen different payments to various credit cards. By consolidating your debt with a legitimate Debt Management Plan, you only make one payment. Christian Credit Counselors makes sure the money gets dispersed to each and every one of your creditors included in the plan. They can get your creditors on board so you can have financial freedom as your entire debt is paid off in full.

Although most families don’t look forward to having to go from paying childcare expenses to private school tuition or college tuition in the future, you will have more money to save and plan for the future after completing a debt repayment plan. Choosing Christian credit counseling gives you an edge because you know it’s a reputable and ethical program that will also teach you how to manage your finances better in the future.

At Christian Credit Counselors, we provide credit counseling and educational tools for our clients who often pay off their debt 80 percent faster. Do you want to know more about debt and how you can make smart financial decisions now that will help you secure a more prosperous financial future? Sign up for our newsletter for monthly money tips.

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