June 4, 2015

If you have been trying to pay off large amounts of credit card debt on your own, you are likely feeling burned out. To avoid debt fatigue, take advantage of credit counseling offered through a nonprofit organization such as Christian Credit Counselors. The trained and accredited counselors work hard to keep you motivated and to provide you with relevant information about debt consolidation and budgeting. According to a recent article by credit.com, dealing with a ton of debt often feels overwhelming. If you feel like you are never going to get out of debt, there is good news. With a debt management plan, you know the exact time when you’ll be making your final monthly payment to satisfy your creditors. In addition to seeing how your debt dwindles each month, there are other ways to stay motivated to reach your financial goal of being debt free. While owning a home was once the American Dream, experts say the new American dream for young people is to pay off credit card and other debts.

Making an attitude adjustment

In addition to adjusting your budget, you will succeed by adopting a new attitude about money. Money isn’t the enemy. In fact, money is often used to help others. By paying off debt, you are fulfilling your obligations and helping others as well. Experts recommend you don’t think of a budget as confining, but consider budgeting as a way of exerting control and having power in your life.

Sticking to a realistic plan

Some people have lofty financial goals. As soon as they decide to consolidate debt, they also make up their mind to fully fund a Roth IRA, save up for a vacation and pay off their parent’s debts as well. Instead of tackling the entire world, just focus on your realistic goals. After receiving credit counseling, you will know how to move forward with consolidating your deb. With an Automatic Pay System, you keep it realistic and simple. You have one major debt repayment to make every month as well as your typical utility, phone, cable bills and housing expenses.

Getting creative about your plan

If you are an artistic type, you might find it helpful to create a visual motivational board. Unlike the “vision boards” using in positive thinking, a visual motivation board helps you figure out what your goals look like and what you need to do to accomplish your goals and dreams. Along with your motivational board, you can track your progress. Some people reward themselves for accomplishing little goals along the way. Identify some milestones such as signing up for a debt management plan, making your first payment, sticking to your plan each month and getting out of debt.

Having a partner in the journey to a debt-free life can also keep you motivated. The nice thing about a credit counselor is that the person doesn’t judge you as a friend or family member might. It’s nice to have someone you can trust cheer you along as well as answer questions you have about credit scores, budgets and debt consolidation.

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