July 1, 2014

Don’t be a Slave to Debt

You weren’t called to be a slave to debt. That’s not part of God’s plan for your life! God has called you to a higher calling. Many people assume that being in debt is an inevitable part of life, and without it they won’t be able to enjoy life or do things like buy a car or a house. That just isn’t true!

That may be the way of the world, but it isn’t the way of Our Lord. You can achieve all of the things you want without putting yourself and your family into a level of debt that won’t ever be paid off. It happens with hard work, determination, and help from our christian credit counseling services.

A Successful Budgeting System

We offer a class about how to create wealth for yourself through a successful budgeting system. Living on a budget doesn’t mean saying no to everything–it means saying yes to the right things.

Benefits of a Budget

We’ll start our class by showing you why you need a budget, and how a good budget can help you take charge of your finances. We’ll also work with you on the proper way to set up a budget no matter how big or small your current income might be.

In our class, you’ll get all of the forms and tools that you need to create a budget that you and your family can not only survive on, but thrive on. You’ll be amazing at how taking charge of your money and applying Godly principles to your finances will bless you.

Setting Financial Goals

The next step in our class will be setting financial goals. What is it that you and your family want to do? Is it buy a house, pay for college, or maybe bless a ministry that God has laid on your heart? No matter what your goals are, we’ll work with you to create a roadmap that gets you there. Step by step, our counselors will show you where you need to go and how to get there with your current budget. All of these things are within your reach, and we’re ready to show you how it can be done.

We love showing people the blessing of a debt-free life! Our non-profit organization is staffed by certified counselors who care about you, your faith, and your finances.

We help you take control of your finances and make them work for you, instead of being a slave to debt. Get started on building your personal wealth today!

Contact us today through our website or call us at 1.800.557.1985 ext 100 to register for the Creating Wealth class, or any of our other financial classes.

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