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The Ben & Lindsey Story

Over the last 24 years we have helped over 300,000 families get out of debt and begin to enjoy the benefits of financial freedom. Meet Ben and Linsey, they graduated from our Debt Management program and our now debt free. What will your story be?

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“I enjoy guiding people through our process and making sure they are equipped with all the information they need to get started with their new life. Each of us at Christian Credit Counselors are prepared and ready to help.”

Elda, Certified Credit Counselor

Why we can help:

Across America many people have found themselves relying on credit cards to get through tough times, a job loss, medical expenses or other unexpected financial hardships. Christian Credit Counselors has been there, we understand and we are here to help!

Our Debt Management Program can help you:

  • Consolidate Your Bills
  • Lower Your Monthly Payments
  • Lower Your Interest Rates By Up To 75%
  • Stop Late Fees & Creditor Phone Calls

As a Non- Profit Organization your freedom from debt is our number one priority. Our Debt Management Plan can help you avoid bankruptcy, debt settlement scams and quick fixes that will ruin your credit. Simply fill out the form on this page to begin your journey to financial freedom.


Thanks again for your assistance and support throughout the debt management process. We’re relieve to have a plan in place to resolve our credit issues, as this is our first time in this situation. We appreciate knowing there’s a company available to help people navigate through their financial crisis without having a negative consequence associated with their efforts. May God continue to use you knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to assist others in similar situations (Colossians 1:9-11).”