November 25, 2015

Debt Consolidation

Credit Cards and Financial Health

Misusing credit cards affects your financial health, security and future. You can easily forgive yourself of so-called credit sins by seeking assistance from a Christian credit counseling program. One of the most positive ways to get back on track is with debt consolidation. According to an article by, 30 percent of your FICO score relates to how much you owe on credit cards. If your balance gets too high and you can’t pay off the total balance, debt consolidation can help. The key is to stay calm and avoid several credit blunders.

A Five Step Debt Management Plan

Creditors and Debt Collectors

One of the challenges you often have to deal with when you have a high credit card balance is debt collectors and representatives from your credit card companies. By working with a credit counselor, you put the problem in someone’s capable hands. Calls stop after you sign up for a debt management plan because your creditors agree to a specific monthly repayment plan. To get to that positive place, put aside anger.

Your Personal Finances

Another credit blunder is refusing to seek personal finance help because of pride. A lot of people seek Christian credit counseling because they don’t want to feel shamed or ridiculed for mistakes. A certified credit counselor with a Christian mindset will give you advice on debt consolidation without judgment.

Embracing Frugal Finances

No matter what your situation, you can find new and creative ways to practice frugality. Another credit “sin” is to pay only the minimum balance on a credit card. When you resist the temptation to overspend, you fix the problem instead of exasperating it.

Credit Cards and Debt Management

When you agree to a debt management plan to pay off debt, you stop using your old credit cards. It is also important to stop opening up new credit lines. A credit counselor helps you budget, plan and save so you can avoid repeating the same financial mistakes.

Overcoming Credit Problems with Contentment

When you find happiness with the things you already own instead of constantly wanting something bigger or better, many of your credit problems disappear. After getting on board with a debt consolidation plan, give yourself some space to feel happy. Instead of soothing your stress and troubles by spending money, find other ways to relax such as a free walk in nature or time with friends and family.

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