June 13, 2014

Debt Counseling Candidates

Sometimes, it’s pretty obvious that someone needs debt counseling.  After all, you know when you’re in debt.  You know when you’ve spent money on credit without paying it off.  You know when you’ve taken out loans.  It all sounds simple enough.

But, for some people, financial matters are anything but simple.  They keep trying to keep track of their money but find themselves floundering all the time.  If you suspect that your financial problems are beyond your control, then ask yourself the following questions to figure out if you need debt counseling:

If you have Loan Payments

Everyone’s taken out loans at one point or the other.  You may have done so to pay for your studies or for medical expenses.  If you don’t remember how much money you took out as a loan or how much of it is still remaining to be paid, then you’re probably in need of debt counseling.

Sometimes, people deliberately ignore the notices that come to their door because they don’t want to see the sum they owe going further and further up due to lack of payment.  If this describes you, then you probably need debt counseling.

If you have Credit Card Debt

If you can’t even remember how many credit cards you have and what the interest rates are on each of them, then chances are you owe quite a bit of money and need debt counseling.  Most of us have a few credit cards but it’s important to keep checking how much you owe on a monthly basis and paying that sum off little by little.  If you are in the habit of only making  your minimum payments, you’re probably running  a huge tab which consists mostly of the interest on your purchases.

If you can’t Afford your Basic Necessities

Everyone needs food, clothing and shelter in order to live.  You don’t absolutely need to have additional comforts or luxuries but these three items are non-negotiable.  If you find that you’re struggling to make ends meet where food, clothing and shelter are concerned, then you probably need debt counseling.

You shouldn’t have to pull out a credit card to pay for groceries.  And if your rent or mortgage payments are going through later and later in the month (or not going through at all), then there’s no shame in contacting us us at Christian Credit Counseling to help you with your problems.

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