February 5, 2015

Debt Counseling

When you feel burdened with credit card debt, you likely find it difficult to concentrate on your family and career. Experts associate high level of debt with obesity and poor physical health. People who take the first step by admitting they need debt counseling, get the debt relief they need to live a better life with the help of an accredited credit counselor. According to a report by Gallup cited by U. S. News & World Report, college graduates with a lot of debt are less likely to get involved in their communities. Those with more than $50,000 in debt lacked a sense of purpose or felt hopeless and had poor health. While you can’t do anything to undo the circumstances that led to credit card debt, unsecured loans and medical debt, you can do something with the debt you have. At Christian Credit Counselors, we help people like you consolidate debt to pay it off years earlier.

How Debt Affects Your Career

Debt can have a negative ripple effect on your career. Some employers run a credit check on their employees. A bankruptcy on your record can sometimes prevent you from landing the job you want. By receiving debt counseling, you learn how to improve your credit score so employers see a person who manages money wisely.

How Debt Affects Your Family Life

People with a lot of credit card debt often need to get more than one job just to pay the minimum payments on credit cards. Working long hours can impact the time you spend with your family. People who enroll in a credit counseling program follow a Debt Management Plan with monthly debt repayments that are more affordable. With less stress and more time, you can focus on spending time with family and volunteering in the community.

How Debt Affects Your Future

Another negative consequence of having debt is falling pretty to unscrupulous debt settlement companies or bankruptcy lawyers who take your money but ruin your credit. It’s nearly impossible to get a mortgage loan with a recent bankruptcy filing on your record. Also, few people want to throw money away on attorney fees or debt settlement scams.

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