October 8, 2015

Debt Consolidation

It’s easy to get in over your head financially. An unexpected expense or unforeseen circumstances can make it impossible to pay your credit card or medical bills. It’s not your fault, but unfortunately creditors aren’t so understanding. If you’re seeking options to get out of debt, you’re already on the right track. Christian Credit Counselors is a non-profit organization that provides credit counseling services. Our credit experts will evaluate your unique financial situation and explore various options, including debt consolidation.

How Debt Consolidation Works

Debt consolidation allows you to lump your unsecured debts (personal loans, medical bills and credit cards) into one easy, affordable monthly payment. Instead of having to make multiple payments to different creditors each month, you’ll make just one monthly payment. You won’t need to worry about keeping track of when each debt is due. The amount you pay each month is based on the amount of debt you owe. Since Christian Credit Counselors has a relationship with hundreds of creditors, we’ll help negotiate to get the interest rates reduced. Your consolidated payment may result in you paying much less each month.

Benefits of Consolidating Your Debt

Consolidating your debt helps improve your credit rating. Negative debts can affect for your score for up to seven years. Once you enroll in our debt consolidation program, the accounts will appear on your credit report as “managed by a credit counseling agency.” Payment history is the largest component of your credit score. By making timely payments your credit score will begin to rise. The positive account history can help offset some of the negative accounts that may already appear on your credit report.

You’ll also get out of debt faster when you choose to consolidate your debts. Our average client actually pays off their debt up to 80 percent faster.

Facts about Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation won’t erase your debt, but it will make your debt more manageable. Calls from creditors and collection agencies will stop. You won’t continue incurring late fees or over-the-limit fees. Even if your aren’t currently late or behind on your bills, we can still help. Our consolidation program is designed to help people climb out of debt.

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