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Looking for debt relief but not sure how it works? You’ve come to the right place! Christian Credit Counselors is a non-profit Credit Counseling and Debt Management organization. For the last 25 years we have helped over 300,000 Americans to get out of debt. [gap size=”15px”]

Our Mission is:

Meet your personal Credit Counselor, for your free no-obligation debt analysis. Your counselor will work with you, reviewing your debt information to find the solution that is right for you.
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Step 2:
Your Credit Counselor will provide you with a free budget and debt analysis. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn about how much you will save on the program.
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Step 3:
Our team will lower your interest rates and consolidate your payments into one easy monthly payment that you can afford. Say good-bye to dealing with your creditors, we take care of everything for you.
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Our average client pays off their debt up to 80% faster! Our client pay off time ranges from 24- 60 months depending on their total debt. Are you ready to get out of debt, and see how much Christian Credit Counselors can save you?
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Free Consultation with no commitments!

Contact us and start your journey to a debt-free life.

1-800-557-1985  or