This biblically-based financial teaching and equipping organization has a rich history with many faithful men and women who have helped produce a legacy where millions of people have benefitted.

FaithFi’s roots were first planted in 1988 when Larry Burkett, co-founder of Christian Financial Concepts and Crown Financial Ministries, started a question-and-answer radio program format with co-host Steve Moore. Everyday, Larry would thoughtfully answer listener questions offering God’s wisdom.

In 2017, Kingdom Advisors (another organization that Larry Burkett helped start in 2003) acquired the MoneyWise radio broadcast ministry. Today, under the leadership of radio host Rob West, FaithFi is an expanding organization that continues to serve over 1.5 million radio and podcast listeners everyday.

To meet the growing demands of today’s culture, FaithFi also teaches and trains people through its website, mobile app, and other resources.

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FaithFi creates and aggregates biblical financial content that is practical and hopeful so that God’s people can confidently align their financial decisions with their Christian values.

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