Debt Payoff Calculator


Below are instructions on how to use the NerdWallet Debt Snowball Calculator to figure out how to accelerate your debt payoff by making extra payments to your creditors through your Debt Management Plan.

NOTE: This tool is provided for educational and informational purposes only. Any calculations provided are estimates and should not be construed as a contractual agreement or a guarantee of any outcome. Christian Credit Counselors bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links.

  1. Add your Debts to the NerdWallet calculator one at a time. You can find the name of your creditor, remaining balance, your DMP interest rate, and current DMP monthly payment on your most recent CCC statement.

  2. After adding the first debt, click on “Add another debt” to continue adding all your accounts.

  3. After adding all your DMP accounts, click on “CALCULATE”. Please note that the date provided by the calculator is an estimate based on the debt payoff order NerdWallet uses and may not reflect your actual DMP creditor payoff order. If you have any questions about your creditor payoff order, please contact your Account Specialist at 800-557-1985 option 5.

  4. When the “Your results” screen populates, you can either use the slider or type in the amount you wish to apply as extra to your monthly DMP payment. As you do so, the screen will refresh and show you how much interest and time you can potentially save!

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