Debt Counseling – When Financial Problems Sneak up On You

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Debt Counseling

Signs of Financial Trouble Past due statements, accounts closed without you and payments that reflect the minimum due are of few of the red flags that you need debt counseling. If financial problems are sneaking up on you, the best solution is to confront your reality and take positive steps to remedy the situation. According to a piece by, … Read More

Debt Consolidation – Forgiving Yourself of Credit Sins

Jeanne McTaggartDebt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Credit Cards and Financial Health Misusing credit cards affects your financial health, security and future. You can easily forgive yourself of so-called credit sins by seeking assistance from a Christian credit counseling program. One of the most positive ways to get back on track is with debt consolidation. According to an article by, 30 percent of your FICO score … Read More

Debt Consolidation – Combating Holiday Credit Card Debt

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Debt Consolidations

Setting Financial Goals By planning ahead, it’s easy to combat holiday credit card debt that puts you behind with New Year’s resolutions and financial goals. According to an article by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the best approach is to plan ahead to avoid holiday binge buying. By talking to a Christian credit counselor, you learn about debt consolidation. Whether you sign … Read More

Credit Counseling as a Positive Solution to ‘Forever’ Debt

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Credit Counseling

Getting Unstuck from Debt If you feel stuck in credit card debt for eternity, there are positive steps you can take. With credit counseling, you learn how to adopt positive financial habits or a different outcome. According to a recent article by, one personal finance survey discovered that 13 percent of people said they will never pay back all … Read More

Safely Accelerate Debt Repayment with Credit Counseling

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Creditt Counseling

Paying off your credit card debt quickly by falling prey to a debt settlement scam is often disastrous to your financial health. By receiving credit counseling, you learn about the best ways to accelerate the debt payoff process without jeopardizing your credit score. According to a recent article by, a new study out of Texas A&M shows people who … Read More

Debt Consolidation When Underestimating Your Debt

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Debt Consolidation

When it comes to unpleasant realities such as massive credit card debt, a lot of people underestimate what they owe. It is natural to want to believe things are in a better financial situation than you really are. With the help of a certified credit counselor, you can face your debt as well as address it with a debt consolidation … Read More

How Debt Consolidation Can Help You Climb Out of Debt

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Debt Consolidation

It’s easy to get in over your head financially. An unexpected expense or unforeseen circumstances can make it impossible to pay your credit card or medical bills. It’s not your fault, but unfortunately creditors aren’t so understanding. If you’re seeking options to get out of debt, you’re already on the right track. Christian Credit Counselors is a non-profit organization that … Read More

Credit Card Counseling When Debt is at Pre-Recession Levels

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Christian Credit Counselors

Experts say credit card debt declined for years, but is back to pre-recession levels. Many individuals leaned how to save and practice frugality during the Great Recession. By receiving Christian credit counseling, you can get a refresher on budgeting and financial goal setting as well as learn how to consolidate debt and boost your credit score. According to a recent … Read More

Baby Boomers, Debt Counseling, and Retirement

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Debt Counseling

When Baby Boomers Budget If you are a baby boomer in your 50 or 60s, you are likely wondering if you will ever experience retirement bliss. A growing number of boomers have massive credit card debt in addition to mortgage and student loan debt due. In some cases, boomers take out mortgage and student loan debt to help children and … Read More

Surviving the Holiday Spending Trap With Debt Counseling

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Debt Counseling

After the school season starts, many people start getting ready for the holidays. Following Labor Day, the major holidays that often run up debt for the average American include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. By receiving debt counseling in the fall, you gain valuable insights and information about how to pay off debt, budget, and set financial goals. You … Read More