Credit Counseling Helps You Budget

Jeanne McTaggartChristian Credit Counselors

Christian Credit Counselors

Budgeting is essential if you want to learn to live below your means. For many people, budgets seem too restrictive. If you try too hard to save, you could end up spending rebelliously or throwing the budget out the window. With Christian credit counseling, you access tools and education to finally get a handle on your budget. According to a … Read More

Credit Counseling: Closing the Debt Gender Gap

Jeanne McTaggartCredit Counseling

Credit Counseling

When it comes to credit card debt, the burden is one affecting men and women, but women tend to carry more debt. By receiving credit counseling, members of each gender receive benefits that help them improve personal finances. According to a recent article by that cited National Debt Relief survey, only 33 percent of men carry credit card debt … Read More

Debt Counseling – Avoid Frugal Fatigue

Jeanne McTaggartDebt

Debt Counseling

Getting out of credit card debt often takes major financial sacrifices accomplished by a frugal lifestyle. During the Great Recession, a lot of consumers stopped spending money. But adopting frugal habits for long periods of time results in frustration or what’s often called “frugal fatigue.” According to an article by, frugal fatigue is one of several debt consolidation traps … Read More

Going on a Money Diet with Debt Consolidation

Jeanne McTaggartDebt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Achieving financial fitness does not require a lot of workouts at the gym or even a lot of discipline. Debt consolidation is an easy and simply path to succeeding on the money diet. According to an article by, it is important to start with a plan when you want to get out of debt. By talking to a trained … Read More

Debt Counseling Increases Take-Home Pay

Jeanne McTaggartDebt

When you pay more money than you have to in interest on your credit card debt, you have less money each month. By consolidating debt with a debt management plan, your take-home pay increases. By making the move to receive debt counseling, you can also develop a budget that lets you keep more of your paycheck. A recent article by … Read More

Debt Consolidation Raises Gen-X Retirement Hopes

Jeanne McTaggartDebt Consolidation

Having too much credit card debt when you are younger can haunt you when you retire. Not only do you have less money to contribute to a retirement account when you are paying on high-interest credit cards, but you could carry debt into retirement. With debt consolidation at any age, you get out of debt in less time so you … Read More

Debt Consolidation: The Right Way Out of Debt

Jeanne McTaggartDebt Consolidation

When it comes to debt consolidation, find an approach that helps you retrace your past steps so you don’t repeat past mistakes. In some cases, we run into unfortunate situations in life. Debt is often unavoidable, but how you handle excessive credit card debt is up to you. With the help of Christian credit counseling, you learn about debt consolidation. … Read More

Credit Counseling, Baby Boomers, and Retirement

Jeanne McTaggartCredit Counseling

If you are one of the millions of baby boomers in your 50s or 60s having trouble sticking to a budget, you aren’t alone. With the rising cost of food and housing, it’s becoming more difficult to retire on time. Many boomers plan to keep working past their full retirement age. When you reach out for credit counseling help before … Read More

Credit Counseling – Getting Your Finances on Track

Jeanne McTaggartChristian Credit Counselors

Good people sometimes have bad financial things happen to them, knocking them off track. With Christian credit counseling, you can get your financial life back on track even if you have maxed out your credit cards. A trained credit counselor will guide you through the debt consolidation process if you have what seems like unmanageable credit card debt. You’ll also … Read More

Debt Counseling and Your Financial Reality

Jeanne McTaggartDebt

It’s common for people to toss aside credit card bills when the amount due balance makes them feel down. But waking up to the financial realities in your life is the first step to overcoming credit card debt. An article by suggests many Americans are delusional about credit cards because they pay so much money in interest charges. In … Read More