September 28, 2016

Would you like to be financially free? Today, I will tell you how that is possible.

To be financially free requires two character qualities. The first is learning to be faithful and the other is learning to be disciplined. Luke 16:10-11 teaches us that God expects us to be faithful in small matters if we are to be trusted with bigger matters. In other words, trust or trustworthiness is the currency that God deals in. He wants to find those whose hearts are guided by integrity, honesty, and absolute dependability when it comes to doing the right thing. And if you are not faithful in the smallest of your financial affairs, you will remain in financial bondage.

The other characteristic to be financially free is to be disciplined. Just as the body requires us to be disciplined in our exercise and eating to be healthy, so it is with our finances. We must exercise self-control when it comes to our work habits and our spending habits. When we combine a desire to be faithful with a disciplined approach to our finances, we have set out on the road to freedom. We need to live in such a way that money is a non-issue, that it is not a burden, an obstacle, or an idol. In other words, you are managing your money according to God’s principles; your thoughts are fully on God and not on making it to the end of the month. Then you will be truly free. If you have never turned to God and asked Him for help in these two areas, why not start today? Ask our loving Father to teach you to be faithful in the smallest areas with your financial choices. When the Son has set you free, you will be free indeed.


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