April 28, 2011

Budgeting for your Wedding

With the Royal Wedding happening tomorrow, wedding buzz has been in the air. What does the dress look like, how many people are they inviting, and how much is this wedding going to cost?! Although we all cannot fork out the reported $65 million, which is about 2,000 times as costly as the average British upper-middle class wedding, according to Christian Science Monitor, we can try to have our own royal wedding on a budget.

Wedding Invitations

It would be nice to have our wedding invitations adorn the words “commanded by the Queen” but let’s not get carried away. If you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend a fortune on your wedding invitation, research ways to print your own wedding invitations online. There are so many options nowadays, why spend more money? Ann’s Bridal Bargain is a great example.

The Bridal Bouquet

This can be one of the most expensive costs of a wedding, so make sure to choose wisely. Choose flowers that will be in season, and easily accessible to you. Be honest with your florist about your budget so you are not shocked when you get the bill. You can also plan your wedding at a park or garden so you already have a beautifully decorated venue.

The Wedding Gown

One of the most important, stressful, exciting decisions a woman will ever make…picking out the wedding dress. We may not have every designer wanting to design out gown like Kate Middleton, but we can get what we want, at the price we want. Many high-end designers are now selling wedding gowns at affordable price. Check out Vera Wang’s collection at David’s Bridal.

The Wedding Location

Like mentioned before, you can save money on flowers by having your wedding at a park or garden. These are great inexpensive options along with a local church or college, historical building, or the beach.

There is an endless list of costs when it comes to weddings, but these four are probably the biggest. Research as much as you can, because you deserve the wedding of your dreams!

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